Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pick the Perfect Picnic Basket

Do you have a great picnic basket? Once spring is on the way, we can once again look forward to spending more time in the great outdoors. And if we are going to be spending more time outside in the sunshine, it means that we need to be prepared to take our food with us. The great picnic season has begun! Is there any greater pleasure in the summertime than putting together some delicious food and maybe a bottle of wine, packing it all into a picnic basket and taking off for the day? Whether you like hanging out at the beach, hiking through the hills, or finding a shady spot to lounge in the shade beside a stream in a meadow somewhere, you are going to need that perfect picnic basket to take with you. They also make wonderful gifts. What better present than a picnic hamper full of scrumptious food and drink? Or for the bride and groom who seem to have everything, why not get them a fantastic picnic basket as a gift for that summer wedding?

The Picnic
The Picnic

How Do You Choose Your Perfect Picnic Basket? 

There are many questions that you need to ask before you make that all-important picnic basket decision. For a start, how many people do you need to cater for? Do you usually go out for a romantic picnic for two or is a bigger basket needed for a large family day out? Do you want to pack a traditional wicker picnic basket for your trip, or do you need something more utilitarian and easier to carry like a backpack? Another important question is do you want to get an empty picnic basket or one that comes complete with all the plates, glasses and cutlery you need already inside it? Of course, an important consideration is budget. Do you want to spend a lot of money on a luxury picnic basket or are you looking for one that is relatively inexpensive? A lot will, of course, depend on how much use you intend to get from your hamper, how you plan to transport it, and where you are going to take it.

Traditional Wicker Picnic Baskets 

Nothing can be more luxurious and take you back in time than packing a traditional wicker picnic basket. Often lined with gingham cloth, you can take a traditional wicker hamper with you anywhere. Whether you are going on a very posh picnic at an alfresco evening concert, having a day at the races or finding a secluded spot in nature for a romantic lunch, a traditional wicker picnic basket will never let you down. Again, you can get them empty, or you can choose one with all the accessories that you need included. Decide on how many people you need to cater for before you purchase your picnic hamper and then choose what delicious food you are going to take on your outing. Sandwiches, grapes, smoked salmon, cheese, scones, strawberries, pies and so many more goodies can all be safely packed into your traditional wicker picnic basket.

Insulated Picnic Baskets 

If you going for a trip on a very hot day, or you are taking food out with you that may spoil easily or you just want to keep that bottle of wine or the juice nice and cold, you might want to think about getting an insulated picnic basket. You can find insulated picnic baskets in various different sizes and in many different colours. Some are just wine and cheese coolers, or you can get an insulated picnic tote or an insulated picnic hamper large enough for all the family. You can get them with separate compartments for keeping bottles cool and you can also find them in different sizes depending on how many you are catering for. If carrying weight is a problem, you can even get insulated rolling picnic totes that are on wheels and that you can pull behind you. If space is an issue in your home, you can choose a collapsible one that just folds up neatly when you want to store it. These are also perfect if you want to keep it stored in your car or maybe your caravan or motor home.

Backpack Picnic Baskets 

If you need to take a picnic with you when you are hiking, riding, cycling or skiing, maybe a backpack picnic basket is what you need to choose? They are easy to carry as they can be slung over your shoulders and carried on your back, and can be bought in a wide range of sizes and colours. You can get an empty backpack if you want to use accessories that you already have, or you can select one that already come complete with cups, plates and cutlery. Some even come with picnic rugs and napkins included.

So whatever type of alfresco meal that you are planning, there is the perfect picnic basket for you out there. There is a great range available in the stores and you can also find a wonderful selection online – so go and have a look today and make sure you are fully prepared for a fantastic summer.

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