Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Why Choose Stacker Toys for Infants and Toddlers

Why Give Stacker Toys to Babies and Toddlers?

Babies and toddlers have so much to learn in their first few years of life, and that is why parents are so concerned that the toys they buy their children stimulate them and help them to learn.  So what types of toys can you buy for your little ones that will help them learn and develop their skills, while still giving them lots of fun?  One of the most popular toys with babies and toddlers, and one with which they will play with for hours, are stacking toys. There are many different types of stacking toys on the market today, and in many different materials and colours.  So what educational benefits do babies and toddlers gain from playing with stacking toys?  Because stacking toys are brightly coloured, they help babies and toddlers to recognise colours and learn their names.  The action of stacking the pieces of the toy helps to develop your child’s fine-motor skills, improves their hand/eye coordination and gives them practice in basic problem solving in a fun situation. Stacker toys also teach very young children about size, and how things fit together.  Stackers also encourage numeracy, as your child becomes aware of how many pieces they have to stack. Some stackers also have lights, music and buttons to press, which are additional features that also help with developing co-ordination and problem-solving skills.  To get your toddler started in learning their letters, you can buy colourful stackers with ABC letters on them.

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So What Are Stacker Toys Made From?

Stacker toys for babies and toddlers are made in a variety of different materials, such as plastic, wood and fabrics.  Where possible the ideal thing is to look for stacker toys made from organic materials.  Many stacker toys are made from painted wood, so it is much kinder to the planet and better for your child’s health, if the wood has come from trees grown organically.  This means that your child will not be exposed to any of the dangerous pesticides or chemicals that can be used when growing trees commercially. Also try to ensure that the stacker toys that you buy are made from solid wood, as pressed wood can contain formaldehyde, which is definitely a nasty chemical that you don’t want your toddler exposed to. Any paint on your stacker toy should also check out as not containing any toxins. Organic plastic is not so common and organic plastic toys are harder to find, but they do not contain the dangerous chemicals found in ordinary plastics, as organic plastic is not made from non-renewable petroleum products.  Fabric stacking toys are good for your baby or toddler, as the different textures of the materials, as well as the bright colours, stimulate your child’s sensory perceptions. They are also light and have no sharp edges, so can be thrown around and dropped by babies, without them hurting themselves or damaging anything.

Finding The Best Stacking Toys

One of the very best places to buy stacker toys is online.  Why not have a look through Amazon’s great range of stacker toys today? They have a really wide range of stacker toys available to suit all budgets.  You can buy the major brand names in stacker toys, such as Fisher Price and Melissa & Doug, and also organic stacker toys and fabric stacker toys. If you are looking for a gift for a young family member or child of a friend, you will find that stacker toys make great gifts for Christmas or the first few birthdays of a child’s life. Stacker toys are also very durable, so your child can play with them and be as boisterous as they like, without breaking them. You will even be able to pass your stacker toys onto the next generation of children, when your child moves on to more sophisticated toys.

So give your child hours of endless fun play and help them to learn and develop, by buying them a stacker toy online.  After all, what can be bad about a toy that helps your child develop counting skills, good hand eye/coordination and fine-motor skills, and helps them to recognise colours and textures?  Flashing lights or music can be an extra bonus, add to the fun of playing and learning with a stacker toy for your child.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Why Choose Pull Along Toys for Your Toddler?

Why Buy Pull Along Toys for Your Toddler?

Early childhood is a magical time and toddlers spend most of their waking hours playing.  But playing is how older babies and toddlers learn, so it is important that the toys that you buy for your kids are educational as well as fun to play with. So what are the best educational toys that you can buy for your toddler?  One of the best toys that you can invest in for your infant is a pull along toy.  So you may be thinking how is a pull along toy a good educational toy for a toddler? Well a pull along is a good toy for your toddler to play with for several reasons.  One of the main reasons is that toddlers find pull along toys fun to play with, as they love to spend hours pulling things around behind them.  The act of pulling a toy around behind them helps an infant to learn to balance properly when they are walking, and also encourages them to spend more time on their feet learning to walk more confidently.  The ideal age to start giving your child pull along toys is about 18 months, when they have been walking for a couple of months and are able to walk and give their attention to something else at the same time.  Of course, toddlers vary considerably as to what age they start walking properly, so your child might be a bit younger or older when they are ready. Very young children are attracted to anything that is brightly coloured and an appealing, cute shape.  Many pull along toys are shaped like popular animals, birds, insects or vehicles that really appeal to toddlers and encourages their creative play.

What Should the Best Pull Along Toys Be Made From?

What a pull along toy is made of is also very important, as young children like to feel objects, pick them up and try to put them in their mouths!  One of the best materials for pull along toys to be made from is organic wood.  Organic wood is grown without using any potentially dangerous pesticides or chemical fertilisers, so your toddler is not being exposed to any nasty chemicals.  Also look for solid wood for your pull along toys, as the pressed wood that is sometimes used to make wooden toys can contain formaldehyde, another nasty that you do not want your infant exposed to. Also check that any paint used on your wooden pull-along toy is completely non-toxic, especially as at some point your child will try to put some part of the toy in his mouth.  Of course, at lot of pull-along toys are now made of plastic, which is great as plastic is very brightly coloured, very durable and very easy to wipe clean.  Organic plastic is, unfortunately, still quite rare, but if you do see a pull along toy made in organic plastic it is a great toy to buy because organic plastic does not contain any petroleum products or the damaging chemicals that petroleum products contain.

Popular Types of Pull Along Toy

There is a huge selection of pull along toys available these days and one of the best places to buy them is online.  Have a look on Amazon today, to see how many different pull along toys that there are and decide which one would make the best gift for your child. There is also a big selection of push along toys, where instead of the toddler pulling the toy around by a cord, there is a pole attached to the toy made of wood or plastic that lets the child push the toy along.

Animal Pull Along Toys:  Kids love animals, so having an animal pull along toy is going to really appeal to them – the more brightly coloured the better!  Many animal pull along toys have heads and limbs that bob along as they move, which adds some extra fun for your toddler.  The movement of the animal can also create a noise, and what young child does not like creating as much noise as possible?  Whatever your child’s favourite animal is, there is bound to be a pull along toy featuring that animal.  I have seen pull along dogs, monkeys, cats, giraffes, mice, rabbits and also totally not scary big green crocodiles. Some of the push along animals are also snugly soft cuddly toys, and with some of them you can even remove the wheels so that the toys can be used as solely as a cuddly toy.

Insect Pull Along Toys – the world of insects is also well represented in pull along toys.  There is a great choice of butterfly pull along toys, and also brightly coloured segmented caterpillars, snails and bees.
Vehicle Pull Along Toys – the more mechanically minded child would probably be more fascinated by a pull along toy in the shape of a train, helicopter, car or boat. The pull along trains are especially good fun as they often combine as activity toys with detachable carriages that have things like mirrors or bead frames attached for extra play opportunities.

Pull Along Carts – these are the most traditional of the pull along toys and are great for toddlers on several levels.  Often they come with block or other toys inside them, which gives the toddler another dimension to explore as they play.  Also, when they are empty your infant can load the cart with their teddies, dolls or other playthings and use the pull along cart to create a different type of game. Pull along carts come in many different sizes, colours and can be made of metal, wood or plastic.

So whatever pull along toy that you choose for your toddler, it is bound to give them hours of fun, help them improve their walking, and stimulate their creativity.  A lot of pull along toys are also very reasonably priced, so make a great birthday gift or as an extra little something under the tree at Christmas time.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shop for Bearington Bears and Bearington Baby Products Online

What is a Bearington Bear?

If you love collectible teddy bears, you will love the Bearington teddy bears! If you are lucky enough to own a Bearington bear you will know that they are cute, very well made, and surprisingly affordable.  Bearington bears really have not been around for that long, the company was started thirteen years ago by the Stray family with the aim of producing quality, collectible teddy bears that were easily within the price range of ordinary families. There is a Bearington bear for every occasion and life situation, so you can buy Christmas Bearington bears, get well Bearington bears, fairytale Bearington bears, romantic Bearington bear’s for Valentine’s Day and many more.  As well as the famous Bearington bears, there is also a great range of Bearington plush animals to choose from, and there are cute stuffed plush lambs, cuddly ducklings that quack, leopards, plush dogs, and even adorable bunny purses. Bearington bears make great gifts, so if there is a new baby in your family looking for their first teddy bear friend, or you are looking for a romantic gift for the one you love, or you have a friend who is sick and needs cheering up, you are bound to find the perfect Bearington bear for the occasion.

Bearington Baby

Bearington has also diversified and produced an amazing collection of clothes and accessories for babies.  If you would like to buy a cute fur coat with ears for your baby, look no further than Bearington.  There is a wide range of animals to choose from, and you can buy a giraffe coat, a smartly lined reindeer coat with antlers, luxurious faux fur leopard coats, puppy coats, frog coats, bunny coats and the ultimate in designer luxury, the Bearington baby mink couture coat complete with teddy bear ears.  If you are going for the whole coordinated designer look for your baby you can also buy a range of matching accessories to go alongside your Bearington mink couture coat, such as the Bearington mink couture blanket, the mink couture diaper bag and the mink couture bib.  If you are looking for something to keep your precious bundle of joy warm this winter, Bearington Baby also do an enchanting range of baby blankets and snugglers. These cuddliest of blankets come in soft pastel shades of blue, pink and cream and many have cute teddy, puppy or lambs heads as an extra joy and comfort for your child. Bearington baby products make great gifts for new babies, as for each design there is a range of products, so you can buy a matching bib, snugly blanket, rattle and booties and put together a great present.

Bearington Christmas

Christmas is a special time at Bearington and there is a wide selection of Christmas Bearington bears wearing lots of different festive costumes, reindeer and Santa outfits for your baby to wear on Christmas Day, charming miniature Bearington Christmas bears made into ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree, stuffed plush reindeer and even delightful rattles for baby with a reindeer head to remind them of their first Christmas. All of these Christmas Bearington bears are extremely well made from the highest quality materials and are very collectible, so choose your Christmas Bearington bear today and start adding to your collection.

Bearington Valentine’s Day

If you struggle to find the perfect Valentine gift for your loved one, why not surprise and delight them with a Valentine themed Bearington bear?  There are Bearington Valentine bears for both men and women in a huge variety of sizes and costumes.  Some Valentine Bearington bears are carrying Valentine cards or stuffed hearts, and all of these beautiful teddy bears are bound to win the heart of your beloved on the most romantic day of the year.

Other Bearington Bears

If you need to say a special ‘thank you’ to someone, what is a better way to say it than with a thank you themed Bearington bear?  Of is someone you care about is sick? Then why not bring a smile to their face and speed them on the way to recovery by presenting them with a Bearington get well bear or a Bearington doctor or nurse bear?  Bearington bears come in such a wide range of characters and costumes, both boy bears and girl bears. There are Bearington fairytale princess bears, bears dressed as flower girls, pumpkins and in their pyjamas.  Whatever you want to say with your gift, you will be able to find the ideal Bearington bear for the message that you want to give.

One of the best places to find Bearington bears is online.  Amazon has an excellent selection of Bearington bears and Bearington baby products for you to choose from, so why not have a look today and find that perfect Bearington gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and any other festive occasion.