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Shop for Bearington Bears and Bearington Baby Products Online

What is a Bearington Bear?

If you love collectible teddy bears, you will love the Bearington teddy bears! If you are lucky enough to own a Bearington bear you will know that they are cute, very well made, and surprisingly affordable.  Bearington bears really have not been around for that long, the company was started thirteen years ago by the Stray family with the aim of producing quality, collectible teddy bears that were easily within the price range of ordinary families. There is a Bearington bear for every occasion and life situation, so you can buy Christmas Bearington bears, get well Bearington bears, fairytale Bearington bears, romantic Bearington bear’s for Valentine’s Day and many more.  As well as the famous Bearington bears, there is also a great range of Bearington plush animals to choose from, and there are cute stuffed plush lambs, cuddly ducklings that quack, leopards, plush dogs, and even adorable bunny purses. Bearington bears make great gifts, so if there is a new baby in your family looking for their first teddy bear friend, or you are looking for a romantic gift for the one you love, or you have a friend who is sick and needs cheering up, you are bound to find the perfect Bearington bear for the occasion.

Bearington Baby

Bearington has also diversified and produced an amazing collection of clothes and accessories for babies.  If you would like to buy a cute fur coat with ears for your baby, look no further than Bearington.  There is a wide range of animals to choose from, and you can buy a giraffe coat, a smartly lined reindeer coat with antlers, luxurious faux fur leopard coats, puppy coats, frog coats, bunny coats and the ultimate in designer luxury, the Bearington baby mink couture coat complete with teddy bear ears.  If you are going for the whole coordinated designer look for your baby you can also buy a range of matching accessories to go alongside your Bearington mink couture coat, such as the Bearington mink couture blanket, the mink couture diaper bag and the mink couture bib.  If you are looking for something to keep your precious bundle of joy warm this winter, Bearington Baby also do an enchanting range of baby blankets and snugglers. These cuddliest of blankets come in soft pastel shades of blue, pink and cream and many have cute teddy, puppy or lambs heads as an extra joy and comfort for your child. Bearington baby products make great gifts for new babies, as for each design there is a range of products, so you can buy a matching bib, snugly blanket, rattle and booties and put together a great present.

Bearington Christmas

Christmas is a special time at Bearington and there is a wide selection of Christmas Bearington bears wearing lots of different festive costumes, reindeer and Santa outfits for your baby to wear on Christmas Day, charming miniature Bearington Christmas bears made into ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree, stuffed plush reindeer and even delightful rattles for baby with a reindeer head to remind them of their first Christmas. All of these Christmas Bearington bears are extremely well made from the highest quality materials and are very collectible, so choose your Christmas Bearington bear today and start adding to your collection.

Bearington Valentine’s Day

If you struggle to find the perfect Valentine gift for your loved one, why not surprise and delight them with a Valentine themed Bearington bear?  There are Bearington Valentine bears for both men and women in a huge variety of sizes and costumes.  Some Valentine Bearington bears are carrying Valentine cards or stuffed hearts, and all of these beautiful teddy bears are bound to win the heart of your beloved on the most romantic day of the year.

Other Bearington Bears

If you need to say a special ‘thank you’ to someone, what is a better way to say it than with a thank you themed Bearington bear?  Of is someone you care about is sick? Then why not bring a smile to their face and speed them on the way to recovery by presenting them with a Bearington get well bear or a Bearington doctor or nurse bear?  Bearington bears come in such a wide range of characters and costumes, both boy bears and girl bears. There are Bearington fairytale princess bears, bears dressed as flower girls, pumpkins and in their pyjamas.  Whatever you want to say with your gift, you will be able to find the ideal Bearington bear for the message that you want to give.

One of the best places to find Bearington bears is online.  Amazon has an excellent selection of Bearington bears and Bearington baby products for you to choose from, so why not have a look today and find that perfect Bearington gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and any other festive occasion.

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