Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Wonderful World of Jellycat Stuffed Toys and Plush Books

What are Jellycat Toys?

Have you heard about Jellycat luxury soft toys?  If your little ones love their stuffed animals, and have a whole menagerie of soft toys in their bedrooms, you might want to check out Jellycat soft toys. Jellycat are a British soft toy manufacturer, which has been creating luxury stuffed animals since 1999.  Jellycat are passionate about the innovative designs of their cuddly toys, and introduce many new designs of stuffed animals every year.  Jellycat plush toys are fun, colourful, and trendy, but they are also so soft and cuddly. Jellycat plush toys make perfect gifts for young children, who will instantly fall in love with these adorable stuffed lions, bunnies, cats and elephants.  Jellycat soft toys are also very safe toys for your precious kids, as Jellycat ensure that they comply and exceed both the EN71 European Testing Standard and the American Testing Standard for the materials they use and the way in which they manufacture their soft toys. One of the very best places to buy these cute Jellycat stuffed animals is online, so if you are looking for the perfect child’s birthday gift or great Christmas presents, then have a look at the great selection of Jellycat toys available on Amazon today. Jellycat soft toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours and the range of animals that you can choose from is huge, so however quirky the favourite animal of your child may be you can bet that you will be able to find it in the Jellycat range of plush animals.

Jellycat Junglie – Great Stuffed Jungle Animals

Wild jungle animals are very scary and dangerous, and yet they make some of the most attractive soft toys!  If your child loves wild animals, they will love the Jellycat Junglie stuffed animals. Jellycat Junglie plush animals are adorable and so very soft and cuddly, so go online today to do some big game hunting for your perfect Jellycat Junglie.  If you love lions, you will adore the Jellycat Junglie lion, which has the softest fur and a wonderfully fluffy mane and long tail.  If you prefer gorillas, there are also some of the softest stuffed gorillas and monkeys that have the cheekiest faces and cuddly soft fur. There are also adorable Jellycat Junglie stuffed zebras and soft giraffes for you to choose from, if you like more gentle jungle animals.  You could fill a whole Noah’s Ark with these lovable Jellycat Junglie stuffed animals and it will be very difficult for you to choose between them. You can buy these adorable soft animals in lots of different sizes and colours, so whatever your budget or favourite wild animal, there is a Jellycat Junglie stuffed animal out there made just for you.

Jellycat Bashful Stuffed Animals

One of the most adorable of the Jellycat ranges is their Bashful selection of stuffed animals. If you have a little one who is a bit shy, why not buy them a super soft and cuddly bashful friend? These adorable soft toys look so shy and bashful, that you just have to pick them up and give them a comforting cuddle. Your child will never be able to let their Jellycat Bashful toy go, so be prepared to have to take their Bashful bunny, lamb or puppy wherever you go with your child. So how many shy stuffed animals are there for you to choose from. Well, there are bashful giraffes, bunnies, puppies, donkeys, ducklings and cows that all need a little love so that they can regain their confidence. All of the Jellycat Bashful stuffed animals have the softest imaginable fur and come in a great range of sizes and beautiful colours.

Jellycat Cordy Roy Stuffed Animals

Jellycat pride themselves on their innovative toy designs and use of materials and their Cordy Roy range of stuffed animals are made from amazing thick-ribbed corduroy that gives these toys a great texture for little fingers to explore. This luxurious deep corduroy material is also huggable and soft, making Jellycat Cordy Roy soft toys great for your kids to cuddle. These are cute and brightly coloured stuffed animals and you also have a very unusual choice of stuffed animals to choose from. You can choose from a Cordy Roy bright orange aardvark, a plush purple Cordy Roy horse, a navy blue elephant and even a very unique green Cordy Roy alligator.  So if you are looking for a more unusual stuffed toy, bring a Cordy Roy soft toy home for your child to love.

Jellycat Books and Plush Books

The earlier that kids are exposed to books the better, so these great Jellycat plush books are a great place to start.   They offer your infant the chance to look at bright images, feel different textures, hear interesting noises and even chew on.  They have soft corners and no sharp edges and also come with a fastening that will attach the plush book to your buggy, crib or car seat.

So dive into the wonderful world of Jellycat stuffed animals today, by going online today and finding your favourite Jellycat soft toy on Amazon. So whether you are after the King of the Jungle or a bashful bunny, you are bound to find the perfect cute and adorable Jellycat soft toy for your child.

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