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Best Baby Blankets – Blankies, Security Blankets and Receiving Blankets

Baby’s First Blanket - Receiving Blankets

Are you looking to buy a baby blanket for your own baby or as a gift for a family member or friend who is expecting? If you are expecting a baby, you will know how many things that you need to buy for your new arrival, and good quality baby blankets are some of the most important things that you can invest in. The first ever blanket that a baby is swaddled in is known as a receiving blanket. As a baby grows in the womb during pregnancy, it is cocooned in a warm, dark secure little world. When they are born they are suddenly thrust out into a much wider world of noise, bright lights and confusion, so hospitals snuggle the newborn infant in a cosy receiving blanket to make them feel more safe and secure.  Parents can also use receiving blankets when they take their baby home to swaddle the baby to make it feel warm and secure, and it can also be draped over a parent’s shoulder when the infant is being burped or spread on the floor to change the baby. Your baby will also sleep more peacefully if they are cosily snuggled in their familiar receiving blanket. Receiving blankets make great gifts for new parents, and you can even order personalized receiving blankets that have the baby’s name or a short message embroidered on them. So go online today and choose a warm, cuddly receiving blanket to take to the baby shower.

Security Blankets, Blankies and Comfort Blankets

As your baby grows they will have baby blankets for their cribs, buggies and car seats, and over time they may become particularly attached to their favourite blanket and begin to use it as a security blanket. These security blankets are also known as blankies or comfort blankets, and there is some controversy among experts and parents as to whether it is a good thing or not for your infant or toddler to have a security blanket. In the first few months of its life it is believed by experts that an infant is not aware that it is a separate person from their mother, and so is very dependent on being physically very close to her, being cuddled and soothed, and having all of its needs met.  Gradually the baby begins to understand that it is a separate being from its mother, and so when mother leaves the infant, it will become upset and anxious that mother may not return. Having a comfort blanket, or blankie, helps to comfort your baby when you cannot be physically close to them, as the baby will associate the blanket with the same feeling of comfort and security that they receive when they are close to you. Teething is often a difficult time for babies, as they are in discomfort, may develop a high temperature and have trouble in settling for the night and sleeping through. Luckily, you can now buy blankies that have multiple textured corners for soothing sore gums and also give your child the soothing comfort of being wrapped up in their favourite comfort blanket.  You can also buy really cute blanket friends, which are blankies with a soft toy animal’s head attached, such as cuddly rabbits and adorable sheep. When a child grows into a toddler they seem to need their comfort blanket the most when they are going to sleep, visiting a new place, and being exposed to new experiences. The big question is how long should a toddler be allowed to depend on their blankie and at what age should their security blanket be taken away?

Choosing a Baby Blanket

When choosing a baby blanket, there are certain things that you will need to check for. What the baby blanket is made from is very important. You want to buy a baby blanket from the very best quality fabric that you can afford.  A baby’s skin is very sensitive, so fabric that is rough may chafe or rub their skin and also look to see that there are no rough edges or uneven hems that may also rub. You want the material of your baby blanket to feel soft, cosy and snugly as these blankets will help to soothe your infant and make them feel comfortable and secure. An infant’s blankie is very important to them and they become very attached, so if you buy a poor quality baby blanket that may get destroyed by frequent washing or daily wear and tear, then your toddler may become inconsolable. The very best fabric for receiving blankets and blankies is organic. Organic baby blankets are great for a baby’s sensitive skin, because they have been produced without using any nasty chemical fertilisers to grow the cotton or harsh chemicals to treat the fabric.  Organic cotton is great for soft, cosy baby blankets and if you are looking to spend a little more, why not splash out on a luxurious cashmere baby blanket? It is also important that you check the size of your baby blanket when you buy it.  Some of the cheaper baby blankets, especially if they are in multi-packs, might not be as big as you want to them to be, and you need your baby blanket to be able to swaddle your baby snugly and cover it warmly at night. A baby blanket needs to be the exact size to fit your baby’s crib, as if it is too large or bulky it may have trouble turning over and moving around, and could even impede their breathing.

Finding a Baby Blanket Online

There are many great baby blankets in the baby stores and department stores, but to get the biggest choice you need to have a good look online.  Amazon has a wonderful selection of baby blankets to browse through including some of the most popular brands such as Little Giraffe, Munchkin, and Under the Nile. If you are going to a baby shower then baby blankets make great gifts, or you can buy one as part of a baby layette if you are purchasing a bigger gift. Remember though, that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, and if you do not yet know the sex of the baby opt for a baby blankest in pale lemon, neutrals or softest green.

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