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Why Choose Stacker Toys for Infants and Toddlers

Why Give Stacker Toys to Babies and Toddlers?

Babies and toddlers have so much to learn in their first few years of life, and that is why parents are so concerned that the toys they buy their children stimulate them and help them to learn.  So what types of toys can you buy for your little ones that will help them learn and develop their skills, while still giving them lots of fun?  One of the most popular toys with babies and toddlers, and one with which they will play with for hours, are stacking toys. There are many different types of stacking toys on the market today, and in many different materials and colours.  So what educational benefits do babies and toddlers gain from playing with stacking toys?  Because stacking toys are brightly coloured, they help babies and toddlers to recognise colours and learn their names.  The action of stacking the pieces of the toy helps to develop your child’s fine-motor skills, improves their hand/eye coordination and gives them practice in basic problem solving in a fun situation. Stacker toys also teach very young children about size, and how things fit together.  Stackers also encourage numeracy, as your child becomes aware of how many pieces they have to stack. Some stackers also have lights, music and buttons to press, which are additional features that also help with developing co-ordination and problem-solving skills.  To get your toddler started in learning their letters, you can buy colourful stackers with ABC letters on them.

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So What Are Stacker Toys Made From?

Stacker toys for babies and toddlers are made in a variety of different materials, such as plastic, wood and fabrics.  Where possible the ideal thing is to look for stacker toys made from organic materials.  Many stacker toys are made from painted wood, so it is much kinder to the planet and better for your child’s health, if the wood has come from trees grown organically.  This means that your child will not be exposed to any of the dangerous pesticides or chemicals that can be used when growing trees commercially. Also try to ensure that the stacker toys that you buy are made from solid wood, as pressed wood can contain formaldehyde, which is definitely a nasty chemical that you don’t want your toddler exposed to. Any paint on your stacker toy should also check out as not containing any toxins. Organic plastic is not so common and organic plastic toys are harder to find, but they do not contain the dangerous chemicals found in ordinary plastics, as organic plastic is not made from non-renewable petroleum products.  Fabric stacking toys are good for your baby or toddler, as the different textures of the materials, as well as the bright colours, stimulate your child’s sensory perceptions. They are also light and have no sharp edges, so can be thrown around and dropped by babies, without them hurting themselves or damaging anything.

Finding The Best Stacking Toys

One of the very best places to buy stacker toys is online.  Why not have a look through Amazon’s great range of stacker toys today? They have a really wide range of stacker toys available to suit all budgets.  You can buy the major brand names in stacker toys, such as Fisher Price and Melissa & Doug, and also organic stacker toys and fabric stacker toys. If you are looking for a gift for a young family member or child of a friend, you will find that stacker toys make great gifts for Christmas or the first few birthdays of a child’s life. Stacker toys are also very durable, so your child can play with them and be as boisterous as they like, without breaking them. You will even be able to pass your stacker toys onto the next generation of children, when your child moves on to more sophisticated toys.

So give your child hours of endless fun play and help them to learn and develop, by buying them a stacker toy online.  After all, what can be bad about a toy that helps your child develop counting skills, good hand eye/coordination and fine-motor skills, and helps them to recognise colours and textures?  Flashing lights or music can be an extra bonus, add to the fun of playing and learning with a stacker toy for your child.

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