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How to Choose a Great Santa Claus and Mrs Claus Costume

Why Dress Up as Santa Claus?

It is Christmas Eve and the house is shrouded in darkness.  Everyone is in bed, and even the excited children have finally gone to sleep.  The lights are twinkling softly on the Christmas tree and the snow softly falls on the lawn outside the frosty windows.  Suddenly, there is a gentle thump as two black-booted red velvet clad legs come down the chimney and land in the fireplace.  A large gentleman clad in bright red velvet trimmed with white fur, with a huge white beard and moustache and red velvet cap steps into your living room, carrying with him a large sack filled with festively wrapped gifts.  Santa Claus has arrived on his annual trip to leave Christmas gifts for all the children who were nice rather than naughty during the year.  He arranges all the presents under the Christmas tree, drinks the milk and eats the cookies left out for him and takes the carrots up to the reindeer, off to the next house to go through his same Christmas routine.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Choosing a Santa Suit

Now if in your house, you leave milk and cookies out for Santa and try to lie awake to hear him landing on the roof with his reindeer. You would be very upset if he did not arrive and you did not wake to find your presents under the tree, now wouldn’t you? So just maybe you need to get a Santa suit this Christmas just to make sure that nobody gets disappointed. Usually in the household it is Dad who gets to dress up as Father Christmas, hanging Christmas stockings on the end of the beds and putting presents under the tree, so luckily there is a huge range of Santa suits available to choose from.  The traditional Santa outfit is a red velvet tunic edged with white fur, red velvet trousers kept up with braces, shiny black boots, and a red velvet hat, worn with a curly white wig, beard and moustache.  A variation on this traditional costume is a long red velvet cape trimmed with snowy fur, with a hood drawn up over the head.

Santa Suits for Men

You can buy a lot of different designs in Santa suits for adult males, so there is a Santa outfit out there to fit all Dads!  You can buy Santa suits in red velvet, velour and plush and there are costumes to fit all budgets.  Don’t forget that traditionally Father Christmas has a very large stomach, so make sure that if you are on the slender side that you buy a suit with enough room to plump out your tunic with a cushion!  If you already have a Santa suit but need to get a beard, wig, hat or boots, don’t worry as you can buy all of these accessories separately. So this Christmas Eve, even if one of your kids does wake up, your dress up will ensure they believe that what they have really seen is Father Christmas leaving their gifts!

Mrs Claus Costumes

Now we can’t leave the Moms out of this dressing up for Christmas!  Santa Claus is a married man, and lives at the North Pole with Mrs Claus, the reindeer and the helper elves.  So why not dress up as Mrs Claus this Christmas?  You can choose to dress up as a traditional Mrs Claus, with a long red dress, white apron and mob cap, or you can get an altogether sexier Mrs Claus costume.  A sexy Mrs Claus costume comprises of a tight, short red velvet frock, long black boots, red velvet hat, all trimmed with lashings of soft, white fur.  There are lots of Mrs Claus costumes to choose from, so let your imagination run riot this Christmas, as you channel your inner Mrs Claus!

Baby and Children’s Santa Suits

What can be more adorable for a baby’s first Christmas than a baby Santa suit?  Choose a baby Santa suit for your newborn’s first Christmas morning, and help to bring the true spirit of Christmas into your home.  Santa baby suits are red sleep suits edged with white and with a little red cap, with maybe some white fur trimmings.  If the older kids in the family want to help distribute the Christmas gifts you can also get mini-Santa suits in all kids’ sizes.  These suits for kids are ideal for those special fancy dress parties over the festive season, and for present opening on Christmas morning itself. It could be the first opportunity that you ever have to see what your little one looks like in a beard and moustache.  For little girls, you can also buy a cute Miss Santa costume.

Christmas Elves and Dog’s Santa Suits

Now if the family would rather dress up as Santa’s helpers or Christmas elves, there is also a great range of Santa’s helper and elves costumes available online.  Santa’s elves costumes are made up of a green tunic, green elf cap, green tights and little green boots with curled up toes.  Just what you want to dress up in if you need to help feed the reindeer or help to hang up the Christmas stockings!  Even the family pets can have the chance of dressing up as Santa this Christmas.  There is a cute range of dog Santa suits that you can get for your best canine friend, so that they can join in the festive fun. The dog Santa suits are  little red tunics, with white edging and black belt details, with a little red Santa hat, and you might even be able to get them to put some of the presents under the tree!

So, as you see, there is a great Santa suit available online for every member of the family from Dad all the way through to the family dog!  Have a browse through the great range of Santa suits at Amazon and make your choice today. Have a happy Christmas Eve dressing up and make sure that that you make it really seem as though Father Christmas has visited, by drinking all that milk and eating up all of the cookies!

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